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How To Not Be a Commodity DBA – Part 1

A couple of months ago I wrote about the concept of the DBA as a commodity (DBAaaC), and how it can be so easy for management to consider any DBA as a basic, and replaceable resource within their organization. This got me to thinking (and it would seem that my thinking takes a long time) […]

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The Nature of Absurdity

The other night I was adjusting some quorum settings for the WSFC that was underlying a couple of AGs at work. Quorum needed fixing up as we were going to perform a site failover while some network switches were updated on the primary site, and I didn’t want to risk the potential of an outage […]

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Bug – Getting Read-Routing Data Using SMO

I was futzing around with SMO recently, and wanted to grab information around the read-routing list in an Availability Group. Things went fine for 2012 and 2014, but when it came to SQL Server 2016 I ran into a problem. The read-routing property in SMO is a string collection (reference, which is fine for 2012/4, […]

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