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Improving Performance When Querying Multiple DMVs

A couple of days ago I posted a stored procedure (sp_GetAGInformation) which queried multiple DMVs to pull together a bunch of AvailabilityGroup information. If you took a look at the code you would see that it used a couple of CTEs (Common Table Expressions). CTEs are a great way to do recursive work, and they […]

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sp_GetAGInformation – Updated

Yesterday I posted sp_GetAGInformation, a stored procedure for gathering information about configuration of Availability Groups. Based on feedback I’ve added an additional column to indicate the health state of the AG.   Download the updated version for this additional information.

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A Better Way To Get SQL File Space Information

I wish this was actually a better way, but really it’s an idea for a better way to get at the data. Something that has come up at every place I’ve worked is the desire to monitor growth on data and log files for databases. If you aren’t using some 3rd party monitoring software this […]

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Traffic Flow With Read-Intent Routing

One of the big advantages to using SQL Server Availability Groups is the ability to automatically push read traffic over to a secondary server. This is particularly useful for larger queries that would take a few seconds to run and consume large amounts of resources. It’s not something recommended for short, fast queries, just because […]

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An Open Letter To SQLSaturday & User Group Organizers

Dear event organizers;  While this letter is directed at the SQL Server community the points I present here are valid in other situations.   The SQL Community One of the things that makes SQL Server stand out so much from other products (not just RDBMS) is the level of support and caring that it receives […]

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