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Apathy, or something like it

Do you ever have those days where nothing seems right? Where the things that usually get you going at work just aren’t? Maybe a few days when, instead of being excited about the new shiny, you are bereft of any interest in it. If any of this is true then you may be suffering from […]

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ISNULL & Data Length Handling

Some folks are not fans of having NULL values in your data. I am not much of a fan myself, however sometimes (all the time) they are a reality in which we have to deal. When working with NULL there are lots of strange behaviors you have to be sure to manage, for example WHERE […]

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Going Into Standby Using Powershell

Since moving to Windows 8 on my primary laptop I have found myself using PowerShell to perform shutdown and restart tasks. For me hitting the charms and going through the options to do a simple shutdown was just way too much work, especially when I could just hit the PowerShell icon and type stop-computer or […]

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PASSS Summit 2011 – Day 2 Keynote

8:17 – Bill Graziano hits the stage wearing a kilt. Good start. Shout out to the kilted. Nice start injecting some humor. Bill’s parents watching the keynote from home. Nice. Celebrating volunteers. You can’t run this Summit in fact PASS doesn’t run without volunteers. Outstanding volunteers Tim Radney, Jack Corbett. PASSion award winner Lori Edwards. […]

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PASS Summit 2011 – Opening Keynote

It’s Wednesday morning and time for the opening keynote. The bloggers tables are filling up as we get ready for what we hope is not another Tina Turner spectacular. Journey playing over the speakers. Can’t beat a bit of 80’s rock. 8:15 – ok, we’re ready, can we start now? 8:22 – Lights going down, […]

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