There is some discussion uproar as regards a case of ongoing plagiarism within the SQL community. You can find out all the details at and   This is not something new. Brent Ozar (blog | twitter) has brought this up on previously with the invidual in question. John Dunleavy (blog | twitter) has been […]

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TSQL Tuesday #004 – Who’s Using My IO?

This blog post is in the response to the T-SQL Tuesday #004: IO post by Mike Walsh. I ran into a problem recently whereby I was seeing some disk queuing and it was impacting performance. Nothing much new there, these things happen. However I was fortunate in that some new disk had just been added […]

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Enhance Your Skills For Free

Times Are Tough. Companies are struggling to survive and layoffs common. There is very little budget (company or personal) to get yourself the training that you need to keep your skills current or allow you to move up to the next level.Managers frequently find themselves with no budget for staff training, so even when you […]

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PASS Summit–Instant ROI

When you turn to your boss and tell them that you want to attend the PASS Summit then you are more likely than not to be asked the dreaded “What’s the return on investment that we would get by paying for you to attend or by giving you the time off to attend?” Sometimes that […]

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