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Automated Backup Tuning

Tuning your backups is a wonderful thing. You could easily reduce the time it takes to backup your databases by 50% of more just by changing a few settings, and yet so few people do it. I asked myself the question why and came up with two answers. People do not know how to tune […]

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Generic Database Restores

The other day I found myself in the position of needing to restore multiple databases to a server. In this case all the log files would be on one drive and all the data files on another. Rather than sit there and write restore scripts for ~20 databases I figured it would be quicker to […]

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Refreshing Development Databases

Been a busy week at work and I’ve had to perform multiple dumps of production databases back to a development server. This is something that would normally be pretty quick and easy however a couple of things impacted that and led to having to make some choices about how to perform the task. Here are […]

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Optimizing Database Restores

You can Google/Bing/AltaVista and get a lot of results for speeding up your backups. Those results will include using third-party tools, performing file and filegroup backups, differential backups and the like. Some of the more technical blogs will talk about adjusting some of the backup parameters to improve throughput. There’s really not much written (that […]

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T-SQL Tuesday #19–What A Disaster

Allen Kinsel (blog|twitter) is running this months T-SQL Tuesday and wanted to know about preparing or recovering from a disaster. I thought this might be a good opportunity to tell a little story of how a disaster sucked up around three weeks of my life a couple of years ago.   It was a normal […]

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Guest Post On Hey, Scripting Guy! Blog

Recently I was contacted by Aaron Nelson (blog|twitter) who provided me an awesome opportunity to write a guest blog post for the Hey, Scripting Guy! Blog. Naturally I jumped at the chance and the post went live this week as a part of a week of SQL related post in honor of SQLRally which is […]

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