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Change Tracking Cleanup – Going Beyond Automatic

As I’ve previously mentioned, the automatic cleanup process of the syscommittab table limits you to being able delete 14.4 million rows a day. This is a problem in a highly transactional system with volatile tables. Where the automated cleanup process let’s you down there is an undocumented stored procedure which will allow you to perform […]

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Change Tracking Cleanup – Example

In my last post I wrote about a limitation of Change Tracking and in particular a limitation in the cleanup process for the syscommittab table. I thought that a quick example of seeing this in action might be useful in allowing you to check for the issue yourself.   First things first, we setup a […]

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Change Tracking Cleanup Limitation

I’ve been “fortunate” enough to be working a great deal with Change Tracking recently and have run into a limitation that it’s worth keeping an eye out for on your servers. If you have a database, with Change Tracking enabled, and the total number of transactions exceeds 14.4 million for all of the tables that […]

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