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Filtered Indexes on Computed Columns

I was trying to improve the performance of some code recently and decided that a filtered index could really help me out. Upon attempting to add the index I got an error stating that you cannot add filtered indexes to computed columns. This is the case even if the computed column is persisted. That’s a […]

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Comparing Indexes Using PowerShell

When you have data replicated out to multiple machines or are working on migrations it can be a challenge to ensure that the indexes are in sync, thus preventing query performance issues. I found the need to check and sync up indexes myself the other day and I didn’t have any third party software installed […]

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PASS Summit–Instant ROI

When you turn to your boss and tell them that you want to attend the PASS Summit then you are more likely than not to be asked the dreaded “What’s the return on investment that we would get by paying for you to attend or by giving you the time off to attend?” Sometimes that […]

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