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Using PowerShell To Restrict MSDTC Ports

Ever tried to create a linked server that uses MSDTC only to find yourself blocked by your company firewall? Ever tried to run a WMI query against a server just to find yourself blocked? Ever had the firewall team tell you that they aren’t going to open up ports 49152-65535 so that you can use […]

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MSDTC Failing In A Cluster

I’m merrily working away on installing SQL 2008R2 on a bunch of new clusters. The SQL installs have gone fine and I’m getting set to install MSDTC, one for each SQL instance (read the awesome post by Cindy Gross on this). The install of MSDTC went smoothly and it seemed very happy. Then I failed […]

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SQL Clustering–Network Binding Order Warnings

In setting up my Windows 2008 R2/SQL 2008 R2 cluster this week I came across a warning in the Setup Support Rules stating that “The domain network is not the first bound network.”     This didn’t make any sense to me as I had been very careful in setting the binding order in the […]

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Checking Windows Power Plans With PowerShell

Are you getting the best performance out of your CPUs in Windows 2008? You might think you are however the Power Plan that Windows is using might be hurting you and degrading your CPU performance by as much as 25%   A Power Plan? Power Plans are used by Windows to adjust certain performance settings […]

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Adding LUNs In VMware – A Cautionary Tale

Over the last 10 years plus of being a DBA I’ve performed LUN manipulation tasks on dozens of occasions with no errors or problems. Other than adding new disks to Windows 2003 clusters I’ve never had to take SQL Server offline to perform these tasks either.   A simple request I needed a new drive […]

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