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FusionIO and the Go Faster Button

Nobody has ever said that FusionIO cards were slow (because they aren’t). Especially if you compare their performance to regular spinning media, or high performance SANs. After all, no SAN will allow you to measure storage write latency in microseconds. Anyone that has had their database reside on a FusionIO card has had nothing but […]

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Improving Performance When Querying Multiple DMVs

A couple of days ago I posted a stored procedure (sp_GetAGInformation) which queried multiple DMVs to pull together a bunch of AvailabilityGroup information. If you took a look at the code you would see that it used a couple of CTEs (Common Table Expressions). CTEs are a great way to do recursive work, and they […]

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Stop Bad Database Design

Every year that goes by I sit in hope that I won’t see bad database design. Every year I am disappointed.   As an example here is a table create statement that I saw the other day (table and column names have been changed to protect the innocent) CREATE TABLE [dbo].BestestTableEVAR( Col1 [int] IDENTITY(1,1) NOT […]

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Optimizing Database Restores

You can Google/Bing/AltaVista and get a lot of results for speeding up your backups. Those results will include using third-party tools, performing file and filegroup backups, differential backups and the like. Some of the more technical blogs will talk about adjusting some of the backup parameters to improve throughput. There’s really not much written (that […]

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PASS Summit–Instant ROI

When you turn to your boss and tell them that you want to attend the PASS Summit then you are more likely than not to be asked the dreaded “What’s the return on investment that we would get by paying for you to attend or by giving you the time off to attend?” Sometimes that […]

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