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Logon Triggers Do Not Prevent SSMS Connections

I recently saw a post on StackExchange where a user was having a problem with tempdb filling up, which was causing their logon trigger to fail. The logon trigger was attempting to prevent users from connecting with SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS). It seems that the user was not aware that it is trivial to connect […]

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Formatting Number Output

I’ve been working with some large data load processes recently and have been dumping upwards of a billion records into tables. As these are not instantaneous loads I found myself wanting to keep an eye on how much data was loaded. This is nice and easy to do using the sys.partitions system view. Here’s an example […]

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Extended Properties Are Your Friend

It’s nice to have friends, why aren’t you a friend of extended properties? They can make your like so much easier by helping to document your databases and objects. Take a basic table create statement CREATE TABLE [dbo].[EatSomeBoogers]( [ID] [int] NOT NULL, [BgType] [varchar](20) NOT NULL, [Size] [smallint] NULL, [Viscosity] [tinyint] NULL ) ON [PRIMARY] […]

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Speedy Log Shipping Setup

As a follow up to last weeks post on quickly restoring multiple databases to default locations I’ve another script which might help you with quick deployments. Last week I covered restoring the databases, I also needed to get log shipping setup for multiple databases. If you’ve ever had to configure log shipping you know that […]

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Who Owns Your Databases And Jobs?

Quick question, who owns your databases? And how about your jobs? Don’t know? Go find out…now find out without using the GUI. Querying sys.databases will give you the owner_sid. The trouble is that you have to relate that owner_sid back to a user. The same with sysjobs, that sid needs to relate to someone. You […]

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