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Presenting At SQLSaturday #67

This upcoming weekend (3/26/11) I will be speaking SQLSaturday #67 in Chicago. My 10:45AM session is titled “PowerShell: Are you checking out my profile?”


I think the title sums it up pretty well, but in case you need more details: Powershell is a very powerful management tool and you can spend hours writing magical scripts to do all the things you want. Frequently forgotten is the Powershell profile, a place you can add your own functions which can provide you lightening fast access to information. We’ll talk about the power a profile puts at your fingertips. I will also demo (and share) a bunch of short functions that I use frequently for common tasks. I’ll show you my Powershell profile if you show me yours.


If you decide to attend my session don’t expect much in the way of pretty slides, extended powerpoint information and the like. This is going to be heavy on the demo side of things and interactive, so bring your questions, thoughts and ideas.