Stop Logging Successful Backups

It’s great that SQL writes to the Event log and SQL log every time a backup completes. You get to see lots of data saying that database master was backed up and database model was backed up, then that msdb was backed up etc…


Is it really that useful?

Well, at least it can be useful to have in there. The thing is there are better ways to find out when your databases were last backed up (such as using PowerShell or querying MSDB).

The downside is that it quickly fills your logs with information that you don’t really need to know. It gets even worse if you perform frequent transaction logs backups. If you have three databases that are having their logs dumped to disk every 20 minutes all of a sudden your SQL log is next to useless. All you are seeing is backup success messages and not much else. It makes it all too easy to miss important the things that you really need to pay attention to.


There is hope

Yes, it’s true! You can stop SQL from dumping that information into the log.

By enabling trace flag T3226 you kill these messages dead. Worry not, any failure will still be written to the logs however all those pointless notifications will vanish. All of a sudden your logs will be cleaner and meaner, important things will stand out and your scroll wheel can take a break.


How to enable T3226

Open up SQL Configuration Manager and the SQL service. Under the Advanced tab you’ll see startup parameters. Just tack ;-T3226 on to the end, apply the changes and restart SQL.


The steps are further outlined at and


Go ahead, clean up those log files…you know you want to.

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