Be A Courteous Blogger

Today I received an email, nothing unusual about that. This email happened to be from a SQL blogger. It’s one of those newletter type things, it even said at the bottom that I had opted into receiving this email. The only thing is that I, at no point, signed up to receive a newsletter. In fact this blog is not one I have visited other than on a couple of ocassions. I believe I may have commented on one of the posts I saw and that is how the blog owner got my email address.

My guess is that the blogger in question went through the WordPress database (yes WordPress site) and pulled emails for everyone that had posted comments and sent out this unsolicited email.

That is absolutely the wrong way to do something like this. A strongly worded email is on its way to the blog owner. Small mercies…they included an unsubscribe link on the email, so hopefully I won’t get another.


The right way to have done this was to do the exact same thing that Paul Randal (blog|twitter), Robert Davis (blog|twitter) and Brent Ozar PLF (blog|twitter) have done. That is let people know you have a newsletter and give folks the opportunity to opt in and receive it.

All you bloggers out there, please do the right thing.

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