Being Inappropriate At The Summit

Last year Sean & Jen McCown (you might also know them as the Midnight DBAs) put on a little event called “Inappropriate PASS”. It was a smallish gathering of 30 or so folks who wanted to give and watch presentations that were a little on risque side. 

There were drinks, noms, curse words a plenty and enough stuff to make you laugh that your sides hurt. A fun time was had by all in attendance.

With the Summit coming up in a little over a month planning is well underway for this years event. To help with the planning Jen is asking for some feedback for possible attendees (those of you that will be at the Summit and those of you that live in the local area. Please go to and fill out the 30 second survey. 

I think you should seriously consider joining us for a couple of hours of craziness and should put some serious thought into something that you would like to talk on for 5 minutes. Nothing is off the table or out of bounds so bring your worst. It’s going to be a blast.


Such fun.

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