Summit 2011–Getting A Seat At The Table

If you’ve attended the Summit then you might have seen a bunch of tables near the back of the room with a whole bunch of reserved seats. The tables are manned by crazed looking folks, laptops lit up, fingers flicking over the keyboard as events unfurl on the stage in front of them.

These fine folk are bloggers and they have been presented with the opportunity to get comfy chairs and write about the keynotes. Liveblogs update and tweets flutter their way into the ether as they get incensed about Tina Tuner impersonators or wowed by the straightforward technical awesomeness and presentation skills shown by David DeWitt.

This year PASS opened up the opportunity for folks to enter into a raffle to get one of these coveted seats.

I was lucky enough to get one of those seats, so on Wednesday, the opening keynote I get a seat at one of the tables. I’ll have my tablet setup, tweetdeck running and will be hoping that the keynote will not be a repeat fiasco of last year (although it’ll be great fodder if it is).

Look for something interesting coming to my blog Wednesday and follow me on twitter (@sirsql) to see what I have to say.


Such fun.

2 thoughts on “Summit 2011–Getting A Seat At The Table”

  1. I'll see you there on Wednesday AM! Can't wait to see how funny this year will be…if we didn't have Tina impersonators or motorcycles, where would the fun be?


  2. I think that they are in danger of reaching a point of self parody with this stuff. Fingers crossed for this year.


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