So Long MCM

The MCM cert is dead. So is the replacement MCSM and the MCA. That’s according to an email that was distributed tonight by Shelby Grieve, the Director of Certification Product Management. 

The end of the program comes in a short email that clearly talks of the end of the certs

Microsoft will no longer offer Masters and Architect level training rotations and will be retiring the Masters level certification exams as of October 1, 2013.

That’s pretty clear information right there.  

This from an email that came out at 10pm, the Friday of a long holiday weekend in the US. 

Microsoft appears to be attempting to bury this when people aren’t around, hoping that nobody will notice and that the furor will have calmed down some by the time people start checking back in on Tuesday.


Attaining an MCM is no easy feat. There is a reason that there are only a couple of hundred people with that cert. Taking this away really pains everyone who has worked so hard to get it. Those who have given up many hours, and for some many thousands of dollars. 

I guess it just means being a part of an exclusive club now, one that will not get any larger.  

That is a really sad thing, because there are people out there that should have this cert, that are actively working towards it, and now that is going to be taken away.


Follow Up 8/31/13 08:23

Jen Stirrup (blog | @jenstirrup) has created a Connect item “Please don’t get rid of the MCM and MCA programs“. If these are certs that you have any interest in at all I highly recommend you go and vote it up. Being honest, it won’t mean much, but it might at least let folks understand the deep level of dissatisfaction its killing has created. 




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