What’s In A Name?

Back in November (which seems so very long ago) I wrote a post for UnSQL Friday #1 on branding. Feel free to go and read that, I can wait…

…while everyone else is off reading that here’s a quick synopsis, I fell into an accidental brand with the bush baby image, this despite few people knowing and fewer people being able to pronounce my Twitter handle @anonythemouse (Anony-The-Mouse).


Welcome back.

Recently I’ve been giving a great deal of thought as regards branding and decided that it was about time that I actively managed my own brand. I can hardly claim that I’m anonymous any longer given the blog posts, activity on Twitter and presentations (@AnonyTheMouse being a play on anonymous). As such I’ve decided to change things and will be sporting a new Twitter handle from next week and there will be an accompanying new blog to match up with it. There is also going to be, in the future, a new logo *say it ain’t so Nic, say it ain’t so*. Sorry, the bush baby needs to rest those eyes, they must be feeling really strained after staring for so long.


I really want to thank Cami Peacock (blog|twitter), Sean McCown (blog|twitter) and Jen McCown (blog|twitter) for being awesome sounding boards and coming up with great and creative thoughts across the whole branding spectrum.

I’ll be posting more details as things change.

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