Presenting For The PASS PowerShell Virtual Chapter

A quick note, on Wednesday at 1PM EST I’ll be giving an online presentation on one of the two topics I submitted for the PASS Summit this year.

 The presentation will be heavy on the demo side of things and I’ll cover the basics of querying SQL Server using PowerShell, running scripts against multiple machines quickly and easily as well as bulk loading data into SQL.

Please check out for a link to the livemeeting.


Central auditing of SQL permissions with PowerShell & TSQL

Description: As a DBA it can be a challenge to know who has permissions to what SQL instances and what objects. The more instances you have the more complex that task. In this presentation I’ll share a method using PowerShell and TSQL that can be used to capture permissions from all of your SQL instances and load them into a centralized location. We’ll even take it a step further by auditing those permissions so that we can quickly and easily identify any that might have changed.


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